A Healthy Car is a Happy Car:
Maintenance vs. Lack of Maintenance

The benefits of maintenance are clear.


Regular Maintenance vs. Lack of Maintenance

Oil Change:

  • Clean, engine lubricating oil vs. Dirty oil, and possible premature engine wear

  • Little to no engine deposits vs. Engine deposit buildup

  • Smoother running engine and peace of mind vs. Possible engine failure

Dirty valves vs. clean valves.

Tire Wear and PressureCheck:

  • Safer tires vs. Possible flat

  • Better road traction vs. Longer braking distance

  • More reliable tires vs. Less reliable tires

Tire tread depth comparison.

Kia Maintenance Near Me | Auto Maintenance Tampa | Kia Maintenance Schedule Tampa FL

In order to keep your Kia in 100% working condition we urge you to stay on top of routine maintenance to ensure your Kia lives a long and healthy life. Routine maintenance ranges from oil changes, tire rotations, alignments, transmission flush, wiper replacement, and more. In order to stay on top of your maintenance either use the online maintenance menu or contact your service advisor for full details.

Tampa Kia Routine Maintenance Discounts | Tampa Oil Change Specials | Kia Maintenance Deals

Our team at Courtesy Kia wants to ensure you have an enjoyable experience with your Kia and we will do everything we can to help. We make sure to pass on our savings to you as much as possible through service specials designed to help you save on routine maintenance. Check back monthly for routine maintenance coupons and discounts on services such as tires, oil changes, alignments and more.

High Mileage Kia Maintenance | Maintenance Coupons Tampa

If your pre-owned Kia is over 5 years old you more than likely have 75,000 miles or more on your vehicle. Todays vehicles last a lot longer yet they still require routine maintenance to ensure they continue bearing road conditions without trouble. Services such as high mile oil changes and multi point inspections will be key to keeping your Kia in good working condition.Schedule an appointment and let's make sure your Kia is well taken care of!