What is involved in a Wheel Alignment inspection? | Checking & repairing Wheel Alignments from your Kia

The first thing we will do at Courtesy Kia of Brandon is perform a complimentary multi point inspection to ensure your Kia is not experiencing any serious issues. Once the problem has been identified as a faulty Wheel Alignment, your service advisor will walk you through your options on repairing your wheel alignment to Kia specifications. Only experienced Kia technicians will be adequate to correctly identify your issues and fix any Wheel Alignments your vehicle needs addressed.

At Courtesy Kia of Brandon, we suggestion a multi-point inspection with each service visit that includes inspecting your Wheel Alignment, electrical components, engine coolant, brake pads, rotors, operation, belts, hoses and filters, among other items. Our mechanics, however, will consider at the following when inspecting your vehicle:

  • Tire pressure on all four wheels
  • Individual wheel camber and degree of angle
  • Camber wear on all four wheels
  • Wheel alignment in front and rear
  • Tire sidewall pressure and tread health of tires

How do I know when I need to diagnose my Wheel Alignment? | Common Signs That Your Kia Wheel Alignment May Need Service

There are several signs and symptoms that will clue you in on the need for a Wheel Alignment. Uneven or rapid tire wear may indicate unaligned wheels. A twisted or crooked steering wheel while driving straight may indicate the need for a wheel alignment. Noisy steering while turning may be a symptom of a wheel alignment issue. Get your Wheel Alignment diagnosed and repaired at Courtesy Kia of Brandon.

When do I need to get my vehicle inspected for a Wheel Alignment? Schedule your appointment with Courtesy Kia of Brandon if you experience any of the following:

  • Noisy steering wheel column
  • Squealing or squeaking tires while driving
  • Your vehicle pulling to the left or right
  • Your vehicle's tires experiencing compelling tire wear prematurely
  • Crooked or twisted steering wheel while driving

Auto Repair Near Me | Kia Service Tampa FL | Auto Parts & Auto Tampa FL

Most auto repair shops are fine with fixing one issue at a time, but not us. At Courtesy Kia of Brandon, our Service Center strives to correctly diagnose/fix your vehicle the first time. This saves you hours at the dealership, money on unnecessary repairs or unneeded auto repair. We are proud to serve all Kia owners and are the terrific location to service your Kia car, truck or SUV in Tampaand the greater metro area. Contact our Service Center today to schedule your service appointment or to find the shop hours for the terrific appointment time for you or visit the store. Even if it's just for a nimble multi-point inspection or alignment check, our team will be supplemental than happy to help you.

What will my Wheel Alignment inspection include when I visit your Kia dealership?

Your Wheel Alignment may either need repair depending on the severity and symptoms of the issue. Our Kia trained mechanics will consider at the following:

  • Tire camber wear and tire sidewall health
  • Tire tread health and groove pattern
  • Individual camber angle of all four wheels
  • Steering and steering wheel column operation
  • Front and rear wheel alignment

Save on Kia Wheel Alignments & Wheel Alignment diagnosis at Courtesy Kia of Brandon

You may notice your vehicle having trouble staying in your lane. Other issues such as your tires wearing prematurely may have you concerned. If you are experiencing any issues we urge you to schedule service immediately so we can perform a complimentary inspection and ensure your vehicle is running properly.

Wheel Alignment Diagnosis Service FAQs | Commonly Asked Questions About Wheel Alignments in Tampa

How long will my Wheel Alignment Repair last?

In most cases, a full multi point inspection may be enough to diagnose your vehicle in fewer than an hour to pinpoint the need to repair your Wheel Alignment. If you have a Kia vehicle we will be adequate to perform your service on the same day.

Do I have to diagnose my Wheel Alignments?

Yes, your Wheel Alignment will wear out over time. Wheel Alignments are one of the items we consider over during your multi point inspection, but if you haven't had your Wheel Alignment inspected in over a year we recommend you schedule a complimentary multi point inspection to determine the health of your vehicle.

What is a Wheel Alignment diagnosis service?

A Wheel Alignment diagnosis service at Courtesy Kia of Brandon involves inspecting your wheels and tires for a misalignment and premature tire wear.

What causes Kia Wheel Alignments to fail?

There are several reasons you may need a wheel alignment. You need a wheel alignment with each set of new wheels or tires, and a bad pothole can make you have wheel alignment issues.

My tires are making strange sounds. Why?

If your vehicle has a bad alignment your tires may be facing divergent angles or directions causing them to squeal while driving. A proper wheel alignment will fix this issue.

How Should My Wheel Alignment Work?

Our Kia technicians are experts in your vehicle and will know how to identify faulty Wheel Alignments. Your Wheel Alignment should be keeping your tires straight and not be impaired by curves and bumps in the road.

What Are Multi Point Inspections? What do Multi Point Inspections Do?

Multi Point Inspections are designed to run your vehicle through rigorous testing to ensure no premature tire wear is happening to your vehicle due to wheel alignments.

Kia Wheel Alignment Service in Tampa FL | Wheel Alignment & Wheel Alignment Service Near Me | Kia Wheel Alignments

Has your Kia car, truck or SUV begun to veer to one side? Have you noticed your steering wheel crooked while driving straight? Have you heard your tires squeal often? All of these and supplemental may be signs that your wheels are not aligned. Come into Courtesy Kia of Brandon to have your Wheel Alignment diagnosed and realigned to Kia specifications. Schedule a free inspection today and let us repair your Wheel Alignment.

Wheel Alignments can be one of the most critical components of your vehicle that keep everything in operating condition. Without a healthful Wheel Alignment your vehicle will experience premature tire wear and put you in danger of drifting into an opposing lane. Lucky for you, Courtesy Kia of Brandon offers free multi-point inspections to ensure your vehicle is in guarded operating condition.

Why Should I Get My Vehicle Inspected? | Why Service At a Kia Dealership?

  • Courtesy Kia of Brandon uses genuine Kia auto parts that were specifically designed for your vehicle.
  • Get your vehicle inspected by a certified Kia mechanic to properly identify any issues affecting your vehicle
  • Get an estimate of what the mandatory work will cost based on the individual problems of your vehicle
  • Get an explanation/quote of the work before it begins, along with how long it will take

Kia Wheel Alignment Repair Near Me | Multi Point Inspection In Tampa

Your Wheel Alignment may need to be repaired if your vehicle is experiencing steering issues. % Wheel Alignments may be impaired when hitting a pothole, crack, bump, or any other road imperfection. % Wheel Alignments are also mandatory when you buy new wheels, rims, or tires. % Most vehicle manufacturers recommend a Wheel Alignment service each 2 to 3 years. You can schedule your free multi-point inspection at Courtesy Kia of Brandon, where you will find a state-of-the-art service department with many amenities to make your service experience even exceptional, and experts to source the origin of your vehicle Wheel Alignment malfunctions.