What purpose does antifreeze serve?

Antifreeze is used in engines to make sure vital fluids that run through it don't freeze. Freezing could cause damage to your engine, leading to expensive repairs in the future. Take your vehicle into Courtesy Kia of Brandon today and make sure your antifreeze is topped off to recommended levels.

Tampa Kia Antifreeze Service, Topoff & Flush Services

Freezing engine parts can be a bad sign for your vehicle. Prevent it today by making sure your antifreeze is topped off! We routinely check your Antifreeze levels every time you visit us for service as a routine courtesy to you! Schedule your next service appointment at Courtesy Kia of Brandon and see all the ways that you can save on service today.

Get Kia Antifreeze Near Tampa FL

The antifreeze we use at Courtesy Kia of Brandon has been specifically certified to work with Kia vehicles. All parts, fluids and tools we use are OEM certified, which means that you won't need to take a chance on a fluid or part that may or may not work. Get the peace of mind knowing that we use the right parts for your Kia car, sedan, truck or SUV! We also offer great coupons and discounts so that you save every time you visit with us!

Kia Antifreeze Top-Off In Tampa FL

Courtesy Kia of Brandon is convenient to anywhere in the Tampa Bay area. Wherever you are in the area, we invite you to stop by our state of the art facility on Adamo Drive, right in the heart of Tampa Bay!