Kia Finance: Government Shut-Down Relief in Tampa FL

Government Shut-Down Relief
30-Day Extension Payment Option
Effective Dates: January 4, 2019 through February 3, 2019


When Do I need to Sign Up?
 January 4, 2019-February 3, 2019

You may Be Eligible If:
If you are a US Government Worker and are currently furloughed due to the recent government Shut Down and are not receiving a paycheck, then you may be eligible for our payment extension program.

What am I Eligible For?
30-day payment extension offered once eligibility is confirmed

Please contact your Kia Finance Department if you have any questions.

DEALER UNDERSTANDS AND ACKNOWLEDGES THAT BY SUBMITTING ANY FINANCE CONTRACT UNDER THE PROGRAM, DEALER IS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR COMPLIANCE WITH ALL APPLICABLE ADVERTISING AND CONSUMER FINANCE DISCLOSURE LAWS CONCERING ANY DEALER ADVERTISING OF THIS PROGRAM. KMF reserves the sole right to: (i) cancel, amend, or revoke any program offer in full or in part for any reason at any time without incurring liability; and (ii) interpret these program offers. KMF shall not be bound by any previous interpretations made my KMF before or during the program. This announcement supersedes all previously communicated versions.
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